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A splendiferous Gala

On January 19th I had the privilege of attending the “secret” soiree that was part of the San Francisco Ballet Opening Night Gala. The venue was the beautifully lit and decorated San Francisco City Hall. As I walked in the front entrance I was greeted by a sea of Tuxedos and colorful evening gowns who were cheerfully chatting, taking pictures, dancing and enjoying a special evening in company of socialites. I have to say that my expectations were very high in terms of fashion and although there were some gorgeous dresses present the majority could have done better given their financial means.

Nonetheless concern for fashion did not stop the crowd from having an amazing time. The high point of the night came when Justin Bieber look alike took over the turntable & spun the best electronic house mixed with Latin beats. Sebastian Vinet was his name and he was from Chile. Not only was this DJ just 20 years old but also part of the SF Ballet and had just performed on stage just a short while before. DJ-ing was so natural for him and he completely stole the show…… and I’m sure many young women’s hearts.

The pictures below are courtesy of Drew Altizer.

Paula Carano

Paula Carano

Marissa Mayer and Zack Bogue

Deepa Pakianathan

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