Versace for H&M – the campaign video

By Maja

You can hate or love Versace with all its glam, gloss and glitter. But one thing is for sure, it’s an amazingly strong and consistent brand and they know their target group VERY well.

There’s no in between, trying to fit in and make everyone happy with Donatella Versace. You take her for what she is and how she looks and even if you can’t see yourself in her shoes or look, you have to respect her deep commitment to walking the walk and being her own brand. That attitude oozes through anything Versace lays their hands on, even this cheapified H&M version of their clothes. And without having seen the line up close yet I think this will be one of the stronger collections by a high end designer for H&M that we have seen for a while.

My house, my rules, my pleasure


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