Style is knowing who you are, what to say and not giving a damn

Ever since my early teenage years I have had a fascination with Kate Moss.  Her cool persona and her unique style have made her a global fashion icon and extended her modeling career through 3 decades so far.  Which by the way is very impressive for a model’s career.  Just as an example fashion and runway models have a career of 2-5 years and commercial/print models generally 10-15 years.   Of course Kate Moss is not just a model she is a super model which makes a big difference in ones earnings but still, as a supermodel she proved to have the most longevity out of the supermodels of her time despite her shortcomings in body dimensions and lack of curves.  She is only 5’6’’ compared to most supermodels which you find in the range of 5’9’’ to almost 6’0’’ and she is known for her boyish figure and very small size.   In fact she went on to become the “anti-supermodel” of the ’90s when supermodels like Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell were knows for their curvatious and tall bodies.  She made popular the heroin chic look of the 90s which worried even Bill Clinton who spoke against this growing trend.  Despite all the controversy and scandals in her life she is still at the top of her career.   Ultimately I believe that her distinct style and her ability to have endless looks in her repertoire make Kate Moss timeless.


This is one of my all time favourite pictures of Kate.   Mario Testino (photographer) has worked with Kate since she was 16 and he also had the honor to shoot her wedding album.  Those pics can be found in the VOGUE September issue.


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